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January  1P.G.Wodehouse, White Poplar 2Batista 3von Luckner 4Thames Valley Flood 5 Al Read 6Sex Pistols 7Stirrup pump 8Charles de Gaulle 9Aswan High Dam 10The Point 11Laura Knight 12Althorp sale 13Gender Recognition Act 2004 14Arsenal Stadium 15Pinocchio 16Goodman at Carnegie 17Gary Gilmore 18Helen Henschel 19Garfield Todd 20FW190s and Robert Gouby21The 1966 Monte Carlo Rally 22Unabomber 23Brookeborough 24National Spiritualism Union 25Under Milk Wood 26blow job 27Record crowd 28Feynman's iced water 29The last great fog 30Winter Garden Theatre 31Arabian Oryx
February  1Myxoma virus 2Britain 3Roger Peterson and Buddy Holly 4 an abnormal society 5potato rationing 6Munich disaster 7vasectomy 8The Western Brothers 9Cry the Beloved 101952 Indian elections 11British Leyland 121944 Fuel Crisis 13The Church and State 14Biggleswade Horse Fair 15Wilberforce and Gormley 16Decimalistaion 17Rosie Swale 18Derek Dooley 19David Irving 20Jack Benny 21Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov 2213 degrees of frost 23exorcism 24Lebensborn 25shekels 26Short-eared Owls 27spelling reform 28life and fantasy 29Skunk Works
March   1Fuchs 2Glubb Pasha 3Bethnal Green 4PO Savings Book 5The 1947 Freeze 6Knightley-Smith 7Lesley Whittle 8Donald Campbell 9M3 10 Otto Deutsch 11Stan Kenton 12Bird Lives 13Frank Worrell 14Ken Barrington 15Bullfinches 16Anita Lasker 17Grosvenor Square 18Pinter and Owen 19moving house 20whales 21Sharpeville 22Warship Week 23Cold Fusion 24Swine Flu 25the tit Gonzo 26Centaurus radials 27Lewisham Hippodrome 28Selfish Gene 29Bazookas 30Yasuda Sunflowers 31Play of the Week
April  1Spaghetti 2Red Rum 3Ehren-Chronik 4Johnny Ray 5La Belle Disco 6Western Approaches 7Goodwood 8Dr Michael Wood 9Rwanda 10Mrs. O'Connor 11Pumpsaint 12Privates on Parade 13 groat 14Jefferson Day address 15Weegee 16Scrubs Books 17Hampden Park 18Aldermaston 19WACO 20HMS Oswald 21Newspaper Strike 22William Basie 23Amateur Cup Final 24Toytown 25Job Description 26Berchstesgaden 27Jack Dash 28My Lai 29South African elections 30the Admiral bomb
May  1In Place of Strife 2Belgrano 3JATP 4The Daily Mail's 50th 5Jacob Bronowski 6the new Nixon 7Alfried Jodl 8the Krays 9Lod Airport 10Hess 11Kim Philby 12Dippermouth 13Chesney Baker 14The Parks 15Lebensraum 16Fred Hoyle 17Church Bells18Black & White Minstrel Show 19Mount St. Helens 20Leonardslee 21John Stonehouse 22Joe Chipperfield 23Joan Davis 24Sonia Sutcliffe25Mods and Rockers 26Petrol rationing 27Festival of Britain 28Concrete Block291953 30DIY 31the Franklin Rec pond
June  1Leslie Howard 2Colin Milburn 3Dunkirk survivors 4Tiananmen 5the Pate 6March against Fear 7Invisible Ink Books 8Paul Tortelier 9Lowfield Heath 10Ouradour-sur Glane 11Palazzo Venezia 12Liebste Kitty 13Bernauer Strasse 14Bonnie 15Augurs of Spring 16Bloom's Day 17Westminster Hall 18Lord Haw Haw 19Haiku 20Ruth Khama 21Majdanek 22Priory Park 23Imre Nagy 24Carl Larsson 25Alfie Hinds 26Ein Berliner 27Anerley VIs 28Rolling Stones 29Paul Klee 30Swifts
July  1Every Good Boy 2Mary Doyle 3Mallard 4Dear Editor 5SS Great Western 6Evensong at Kings 7GEC 8Nightjars 9Harry Hayes 10Crosswords 11White City 12New Coke 13Purple Emperor14Ron Clarke 15IQ tests 16Stirling Moss 17Lords 1948 18Colin See-Paynton 19HMS Vampire 20Knebworth 21Shipman Report 22Mortimer Wheeler 23Well 24Short Sunderland 25La Californie 26Hallstatt 27Doctors and Nurses 28Picton Castle 29Feathering 30Suzy Lamplugh 31Laker's Day
August  1Eyam 2UCS Work-in 3The Caretaker 4boiling kettles 5Tim Loos 6Uncle Vanya 7the Hawker Tempest 8Emsley Carr Mile 9the Kennington Oval 10Japan Surrenders 11really odd 12Mel Torme 13Uri Geller 14Olympic Games 1948 15Pagham Wall 16Bridget Riley 17Tom Waits 18indulging 19Ian Nairn 20Len Hutton 21Fishbourne Palace 22Operation Big Switch 23Lucien Freud 24Royal Hunt of the Sun 25Boycott at Lords 26Thalidomide 27Great Day in Harlem 28Charleston Farmhouse 29Erysipelas 30Berners St. 31Tubbs
September  1Chief Constables2Lourdes 3Rob Wilton 4Wolfenden Report 5NatWest 1981 6DH110 7Cheal's 8AA Unit 9The Heat of the Night 10Kings Cross Bomb 119/11 12Browser's Paradise 13Nino Valdes 14Richard Brautigan 15Astrid Proll 16Sidney Bechet 17Black-out lifted 18Ian Bedford 19Hatshepsut20useless questions 21Cal Ripken Jnr 22Jimmy Rushing 23Archway to Forest Hill 24Eric Ennion 25Hans Schmoller 26Denning's Report 279.79 seconds 28Monte Cassino 29Michaelmas Day 30Peace in Our Time
October  1Tautonyms 2Maj-Gen Edwin A. Walker 3Tea rationing 4World Series 1952 5Edward Kennedy Ellington 6Rover 100 7Enlightenment 8Enfranchisement 9Oxford University10Sistine Chapel 11Enthusiasts 12Guildhall Speech 13Robert Lowell 14Sanford Koufax 15food parcels 16Miami Showband 17Jury service 18Hell's Gate, Brian Leflay, Alan Hunt, Ken Ndarwa19Last Words 20wife and servants 21Aberfan 22The Aral Sea 23The Aral Sea II 24Indian summer 25The Land of HiFi 26Pascal Mychalysin 27National Service 28Earl Bostic 29The Trouble with Cinderella 30Jazz at Pacific College 31Indira Gandhi
November 1Marshall Islands 2Magnus Malan 3Laika 4acrophobia 5acquisition mania 6Thomas Beecham 7John Ameiche 8Unemployment Debate 9Penge East 10Mstislav Rostropovich 11Brahms/Perlman 12Equivalent VIII 13Spiders 14kelp flies 15Roman Spring 16Caucasian wing-nut 17Pelicans 18Jonestown 19Mostar Bridge 20Bramwell Evens 21MJQ 22Pinchas Zukerman 23Berlin airlift 24Old Fart 25Billy Russell 26Arthur Edward Pepper Jnr. 27Ross McWhirter 28NUPB&PW 29First Concorde 30Crystal Palace burning
December  1Channel Tunnel 2Joseph McCarthy 3Edward R. Murrow 4Le Bateau 5Shoeless Joe 6James O. Bakker 7SDI 8Treasure Island 9Hockney's Portraits 10Willy Brandt 11chimaeras 12Girl Guides Log 13Byron's statue 14Labour cabinets 15Charles Laughton 16Codrington Papers 17May Bell 18Death Penalty 19The Coolin 20Carl Edward Sagan 21Carol Service 22Andes Crash 23Araucaria 24Oskar Matzerath 25Japhet and Happy 26James Stephens 27My Dream is Yours 28Bharatpur 29The Shaughram 30Glastonbury Thorn 31Ludgate Hill